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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A-Rod Settling in FINALLY with the Yankees!

Why does it seem like everyone hates A-rod!? After all of this drama between him and the fine citizens of New York over the past few season, he's finally settling in with his team! If the fans expect him to live up to as much hype as his paychecks, they better lay off! I mean, give the guy some room to breathe! I think finally, he has enough space to take a full inspiration.

A-Rod's six home runs in the Yankees' first seven games is a team record. As Yankees manager Joe Torre said: "With all the thumpers they've had here, that's quite an accomplishment."

Yankees fans are probably wondering if he can keep this up. They want more and more from Rodriguez, and they particularly want it in October. Perhaps Rodriguez should take the exalted demands as a compliment. After all, if he was just an average player, no one would expect perfection from him. He is anything but average, though.

And damned the people that harp on him for those paycheck! Let it go! If someone offered you $250 million dollars to read blogs, would you take it?! That's what I thought! Let's face it, the man can play ball! I've got no problem with him or his checks. At least they don't bounce!

I hope he does better this season than in the past. After all, he is a free agent at the end of the year! I just hope he doesn't get too hot and cause trouble for my Cardinals in the post-season! Much love.


Jeanna said...

The only people who "hate" A-Rod are Yankees fans. And the rest of the baseball world hates them. He should go where he's appreciated--to the Brewers!

DOClass2007 said...

I think he'd look best in Cardinal red! ;-)