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Friday, April 20, 2007

Check these stocks out!

I like to think I'm pretty in tune with BIG market events and what the market is doing on a daily basis. Regularly, I'll tune in to Jim Cramer's show on CNBC to see what antics are going on and occasionally he has some wise words to share. OK, he's pretty darn good. I trust his judgement. Well, he spoke of the now second-richest man in the world - Carlos Slim Helu - form Mexico. "Slim" inherited a lot of his wealth and owns a 90% stake in Telefonos de Mex (TMX), Mexico's largest telephone company and owns 70% of American Movil (AMX), the largest cell phone company of latin America. That's HUGE! This man has a lock on the industry. I believe Warren Buffett would call that a "durable competitive advantage". You want to invest in monopolies where there is no competition to hurt your sales, revenues, and profits. This is clutch. TMX is up today so far and has had big runs lately. It's P/E multiple is only around 13!!! Also, it's PEG ratio is a minuscule 1.08!! It's received numerous "BUY" ratings by the pro's, but who listens to them anyways. I like the fact that this company is a huge player in developing countries and stands alone with little competition. I think that is the HUGE upside. Plus, it's cheap! It's got room to grow. Now, let's switch gears and talk about American Movil (AMX), the largest cell phone company serving Latin America. It's PE multiple is high by my standards at 23, but it's PEG ratio is 0.52!!! It's a strong buy nonetheless! Yeah, it's pushing it's 52-week high, but this company is not at all done growing. Again, the story is the same here. There is no one to compete against this giant. This sounds more and more like a monopoly of the Latin American countries' phone service. By owning these two stocks, you practically own all of Latin America's communication networks. Plus, let's look at the man who is responsible for their rise to excellence. Mr. "Slim" made $10 BILLION from his investments last year. He obviously knows what he's doing. He makes his money through the market. So should you. I'd take a look at these stocks. They are great picks for the long term, considering the growth and development of developing countries that rely on communication as a part of their growth! Think about it.

Disclaimer: Please consult your professional advisor BEFORE purchasing any stock on any recommendation.

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