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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Book Review: Jim Cramer - Watch TV Get Rich

If you watch Jim Cramer's Mad Money on CNBC and you are contemplating reading his latest book, please read this blog. I finished Jim Cramer's new book that I received for Christmas and I must say that I am impressed. Call me a Cramer-holic because a.) I love the show and b.) he gives solid advice. His new book, "Watch TV Get Rich", is a funny play on words considering Jim Cramer is on TV, you watch him, and hopefully you'll become rich by doing so. He says it himself in this book that watching his show alone doesn't give you the whole story. You must read the book. Jim Cramer comes to the rescue for small, individual investors. He gives good, sound investment strategies that anyone can use with a little practice and understanding. He's already made the mistakes and he tells about them in this book so you don't have to experience that agony!

Investing and making money in this global economy is all about psychology. Psychology drives business. Emotions fuel people to buy Ferrari's, big homes, and Rolex watches. It's what makes us "feel good" that drives our actions. Cramer likes to capitalize on people's emotional reactions - and make some Mad Money! In his new book, he outlines specific things you can look for when you analyze stocks. He discusses P/E ratios, Price-earnings-Growth ratios, etc. He covers when to buy and more importantly WHEN TO SELL! This book is so wonderful that it is written in an easy-to-understand format. I've read many investment books over the last few months and I must say that this book is one of the easiest reads out there. For crying out loud, I read Ben Graham's book "The Intelligent Investor" and it was like pulling teeth! Cramer is fun, light and most importantly is concerned with your learning in mind. Let's face it, as we drudge along these next 5, 10, 15 years, it's going to be more and more important for people to take their financial matters into their own hands (or let someone else do it!) because we can't rely on pensions and social security like our ancestors. So, to sum up my book review on Jim Cramer's "Watch TV get Rich", I'd say it's a must buy (I'm not getting any kick back from this BTW). I've read it. I've enjoyed it. And most of all, I learned more from that one book than the six others I read in the past couple months. So, please, enjoy it! Happy Investing!

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